Brain Injury Awareness Northern Area

Since having a Brain Injury my sleeping patterns have been affected, I am easily distracted now. I also have difficulty in understanding conversations, and also find it hard to have appropriate conversations in certain places.

Cedar has helped me to become a bit closer to normal than I thought I would get to after I had the brain injury. It has got me into rehabilitation work and involved in class at tech, to help me understand Maths and English again.

Mitchell Gilmore


One of the biggest challenges of living with a brain injury is learning to come to terms with it and all of the difficulties that come with it. I find it hard to cope with noise now and need to wear ear plugs to try and cope with this. Losing the ability to drive a car and a lorry is very hard to come to terms with. I also have memory problems which means I need to use a diary and need to always put things in the same place or I forget what I am doing and can't find anything. There is also a challenge on the family and it is now more difficult to deal with family problems.

Cedar has been great, they have taught us about head injury and what we need to do to work with people effectively. They have shown me personally that by taking extra breaks throughout the day I am less fatigued and able to complete tasks. Cedar breaks things down so that we can understand ways and means to do different tasks. Cedar has also helped me try out a range of work tasters giving me experience in different areas of work.

James McCullough


John BrewsterSince having my Brain Injury I find it hard to remember people's names, I also find it difficult to remember more than one thing at a time.

Cedar helps you to gain control, and helps you to know what to do every day and how to cope with the pressures of having a brain injury.

John Brewster


"When I wake up every morning I look outside and think it's a nice day, and then I realise that I am still sick! and its not going to change, that is the hard part of having a brain injury. I find it hard dealing with the tiredness and the crankiness and I know that this is hard on my family. I don't like having to take tablets every day either. I have difficulty with Reading and Writing now and find this is hard as I need to re-learn this."

"At the start it was strange for me. I didn't like it at the start; it was a new challenge for me. Anything new for me is too much and I don't like it. But now it is different, I like it; the staff are good and pleasant. The staff know what my problems are. I really like doing the gardening placement and attending the art class. They give me more things to do during the week."

Eugene Burns


John BrownSince my Brain injury I find it hard to follow conversations and sometimes have inappropriate conversations. It is hard to meet with your friends because of this. My memory is very bad and I never watch or listen to TV or Radio as I find this hard. I also feel sick now when eating certain types of food.

I have made new friends at Cedar and now feel good about making contacts with my old Friends. Cedar has shown me how to use computers and I enjoy this and I read books now. Cedar have got me a cooking course and I am learning how to cook different foods for my family and friends. I have also learned how to look after my garden, cutting the grass and looking after the fish pond.

John Brown


"When I received my brain injury I knew there was something wrong straight away as I could not talk. It was hard to get me point across at the start then after a while I started to notice other things like the way I see things and the way I work things out in my head. Nothing seemed to make sense to me on top of this I had trouble with my numbers, counting and tiredness. All of these things got me down and I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself. Then I started to work hard at trying to get back to my normal self. I needed checklists to help me remember things, and then I got my speech back and learned how to do the basic things all over again. Things are still very hard for me but I have learned to deal with them as best I can. Things are getting back to normal but they tell me these things just take time, I will wait and see how much time it does take and I hope everything returns to normal."

"Cedar has made a real difference to my life, I am more confident at doing things. I have learned different ways to help me do things, like checklists, using my diary and alarms, all these things have helped me lots. I also have learned to take more breaks when I am doing things so I don't get over tired and too sleepy. All these things sound like the normal way to do things but before Cedar I would never have thought of them. Now we are starting to look for jobs, so with Cedar's help I will get something that suits me and my needs."



Peter McGarryI have problems with remembering people's names and remembering what to say, My short term memory is bad but thank God, my old memory is good.

The Cedar Foundation has been great; the care we get is really something. You have to be here to experience it. Cedar has made me in hundreds of different ways.

Peter McGarry


The hardest thing about having a Brian injury is waking up in the morning and finding that life is not worth living. I feel tired all of the time and have sore heads all of the time.

I have found Cedar has helped me to start to learn about computers and reading. It has helped me to write with my left hand which I never had to do before. I didn't like Cedar at the start because I wasn't used to it. I like Cedar now because the staff are nice and I am meeting new challenges while at Cedar. I am really enjoying attending my work placement where I work at gardening