Photo of Cedar Sport 4 All participantsCedar is a partner in Sport+4All, a European Erasmus+ Sports Project, with a 7 partner organisations from, Italy, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain. 


Sport+4All aspires to develop innovative practices that will support more diverse and higher quality sporting opportunities on offer at European level for people with disabilities.  To help develop these innovative practices the project will involve people with disabilities, rehabilitation centres, sport and leisure centres and facilities.


The project will run for 30 months from January 2015 to June 2017 with 6 workshops scheduled in the Spain, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany and Portugal Netherlands, Estonia, Northern Ireland, Portugal and Spain and a closing event will be held in Italy to disseminate learning from the project.


All seven European organisations involved in this collaborative partnership have extensive experience of providing rehabilitation, adapted sport and social services. Our shared expertise in the social, health and sport process will be invaluable to supporting the project to achieve its aims.


Activities will be managed in 3 main areas:

1. Bench-marking activities - mapping, designing, testing, validating and implementing innovative practices in sport provision for people with disabilities

2. Bench-learning activities – interactive benchmarking activities at 6 international workshops to share innovative practices, provide training and develop European networks in the field of sport

3. R&D activities: resulting in the development of a Handbook/Best Practice Guide “Recommendations for Inclusive Sport; Competencies and Skills of Sport Instructors; Assessment tools”


In addition, to strengthen a holistic and systemic approach to sport and disability an operating unit of Sport Medicine in Italy will test, compare and analyse the proposed innovative practices as a means of preventing illness or chronic diseases amongst disabled people over 50 years of age.


Further information can be found at the project website:


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